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In a time when racing was obliterated by the Covid Pandemic, the organisers at Castle to Crane, Scotland, Ocean to City Cork (Ireland) and the Welsh Sea Rowing organised a welcomed ‘virtual’ race to keep some focus for crews.

The event involved a 5 mile time trial on any stretch of water over three legs for rowing boats:

  • 7-9 May 2021, Castle to Crane leg (Scotland)
  • 4-6 June 2021: Ocean to City (Ireland)
  • 9-11 July 2021, Welsh Sea Rowing leg (Wales)


  • 5 Miles / 8047 meters / 4.345nm

The Shiplake Outloars entered a crew in the Main Challenge – for fixed seat rowing boats and raced on the iconic Henley on Thames water on the River Thames.

Link to EVENT Here


Race 1: 

Ollie – Cox, Yona, Stroke, Stu B 3, Guy 2, Stu M Bow

Race 2:
Ollie Cox, Yona stroke, Stu B 3, Guy 2, Stu M bow

Race 3:

Ollie Cox, Guy stroke, Stu B 3 , Steve 2, Stu M bow


 Overall: 14th Place