Great River Race 2018 Shiplake Outloars

Great River Race 2018 Shiplake Outloars

This Year we entered a crew late on so had less endurance training than normal but survived!

We took 5 rowers and a passenger and rotated the crew at 30 minute intervals.

To avoid any mishaps on the day with logistics, (like 2016) Guy dropped the boat to the start on the Friday before.

This year we had 3 newbies to the GRR in the crew, Stuart M, Stuart B and Yona.

Stuart Burgess
Stuart Milne
Passenger – Cheryl Milne

27th Overall.

36th fastest boat, 8th fastest veterans, 16th fastest 4 oars, 9th fastest Thames based crew.
Time: 2.42.42

Weather was great for rowing , dry and not too much of a wind. Crews are wising up to the faster parts of the course which means that passing is becoming more difficult in crowded parts of the race. 

With approximately 360 boats, this has to still be the best event to be a part of. 

We’ll be back in 2019!

Great River Race 2017

Great River Race 2017

Hamble RiverRaid 2017

Hamble RiverRaid 2017

Hamble River Raid 2017

This year Stuart organised a new crew for the race held on the Hable River Estuary. 

Stuart M
Stuart B
Ross – cox

This is the 4th time we have attended this great event and the event is growing year on year.

The course was breezy with a tough headwind on the return leg.

We did win something but were unable to hang aroind and receive the trophy!

The Ladies Thames Row 2016

The Ladies Thames Row 2016

Ladies Thames Row 2016

Inspired by the Outloars mens’ row earlier in the year, a scratch crew of completely novice rowers, led by Katherine and Sarah took on the non-tidal part of the Thames.

Only having a few months to get used to rowing the boat, pressure was on to build a crew and get on the water before the winter.

The team successfully managed the journey with Katherine and Sarah being on board for the full 3 days.

Great friendships and fun was had by all and the weather was again kind to the crew.

The crew raised around an amazing £6,000 for the RiverTime Boat Trust with their skipper, Lucy being part of the team.

Many of the crew have continued to row.

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The Thames Row 2016

The Thames Row 2016

The Thames Row 2016

In May 2016, the majority of the men from Shiplake Outloars took part in a 4 day row from Lechlade to Gravesend.

4 Days – 146 Miles

Stuart Milne rowed the whole way and other members joined in for selected days. 

The club raised over £6,000 for the Accessible Boat Club based at Bisham Abbey.

Conditions were perfect. Warm weather and a fast flow helped the crew most of the way.

Day 1: Lechalde to Abingdon
Day 2 Abingdon to Bourne End
Day 3: Bourne End to Richmond
Day 4: Richmond to Gravesend


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